Album The Devil’s Drink

The Devils Drink brings you Sunfire at their very best. Catchy songs, talented musicians and lyrics with a dark sense of humour that puts a smile on your face every single time you hear them. Which leaves me with one question. Is that a hidden track suddenly popping up at two-thirds of the album? If so it is a last masterstroke of this awesome band that knows how to surprise even their biggest fans time and time again, including me.

Cliff de Booij, CeltCast 24-11-2023 (NL)

Album Sinners’ Town

Sunfire bring us a really exciting, raw, swinging CD. An album of international class.

Blues magazine 2019 (NL)

A wonderful – and wonderfully achieved – mix of bluegrass, folk, country and rock, which occasionally possesses a kind of centrifugal intensity. The quiet parts are also hard to spurn.The Netherlands’ best kept secret? This second album by the quintet Sunfire showed up quietly, even though it blows the competition in any genre out of the water when it comes to originality and inventiveness. Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Lust for Life 2019 (NL)

The songs are loosely based around a Wild West theme and the hard times and sorrowful lives that inhabit the occupants of the mythical Sinner’s Town. Throughout, there is an energy and vibrancy in the playing. Engaging and something here for every taste.

Lonesome Highway 2019 (IE)

An energetic sound that works in an addicting way. Party animals will get an itch, unable to resist the legs start dancing, the dust rising from the dancefloor, hazing those present. Whoever doesn’t get a kick out of this is brain dead.

Folk Magazine 2019 (BE)

Sunfire is a band that are at the brink of an international break through. This CD is just as good as their live shows. So anyone who has seen Sunfire perform live and loved it, you can buy this album blind. You won’t be disappointed.

CeltCast radio, Cliff de Booij, 2019 (NL)


Coming back to that theatre tour… It’s brilliant! Truly original in its setup, bringing the best out of the story telling qualities hidden within the band. Even bringing out their acting skills! You don’t want to miss out on this. Trust me, you really don’t!

Celtcast, Cliff de Booy, Friday, 24 November 2023

Western folk band Sunfire will release their new album ``The Devil's Drink`` on November 18, 2023. But before that happens, the band has released a new clip for the track ``Jolene``. Anyone who thinks this is the twelfth cover version of the well-known Dolly Parton song is mistaken. Sunfire have written a possible sequel to this very hit and packed the whole thing into a clip. We think the Dutch have done a good job and recommend that you make a little space. This title may lead to some dancing. Have fun with the video!

15 November 2023 | Culture Guerillaz | Beatrice Seiche-Przegendza - translated from German to English

Stap in de saloon van Sunfire Misschien is het tijd om Den Haag om te dopen tot Nashville aan de Noordzee. Er wordt hier, in onze mooie stad achter de duinen, namelijk uitstekende americana gemaakt. Zo kennen we natuurlijk Yellofox, Ragmob en Small Time Crooks, die we de afgelopen jaren ook al of The LIFE I LIVE aantroffen, maar ook Sunfire past in dit rijtje. De band speelt een mix van bluegrass, country en folk waardoor wij ons even in een Amerikaanse saloon wanen. De kou maakt daar al gauw een einde aan, maar dat kan de pret niet drukken. De sfeer op het plein is namelijk uitstekend. Een voorbijganger vraagt zich na het optreden af hoe de band er eigenlijk uitziet, want dat kon ze door de drukte niet zien. Dat is jammer, want de heren en dame hebben ook hun best gedaan om het visuele aspect van hun show zo authentiek mogelijk te krijgen.

3voor12 VPRO, The Life I Live 2023 - Tekst: Eric Hoetjes, Frank de Jong, Marco Vlot en Bart van Gent

Hochgeschwindigkeits-Folk Geigerin Sophie Zaaijer und Frontmann Satria Karsono, der Banjo, Gitarre sowie Mundharmonika spielt und mit seinem Gesang eine düstere Komponente in den sound mixt, sind die auffäligsten Protagonisten, Songtitel ``My Horse Don't Love Me Anymore`` (``Mein Pferd liebt mich nicht mir``) zeugen vom Humor die Niederlanden, die sich in Rockposen gefallen, auch mal einen Walzer zum Besten geben und bei ihrem dampfenden Hochgeschwindigkeits-Folk wie im Song ``Shot`` mit kreischender Fiedel permanent in Bewegung sind.

Heilbronner Stimme - news and media website , show at Blacksheep Paddy’s Night at Bad Wimpfen (DE), 2023