Hey guys I wanted to make a little update on everything. I have to admit..I totally suck at promoting things, but i’m working on that skill. I tend to have that the moment that there suddenly is a pile of work to do. I guess I’m easily overwhelmed and have the tendency to isolate myself like a hermit, all stuck in his work.

ANYWAY The new CD is coming closer and closer. After a few pondering moments I came to the conclusion that the album will be self-titled. Fairly because i don’t want to put a theme to it and want to give the listener the freedom to interpret the album the way the want to.
*The CD is being mastered as we speak. the artwork is being made. the digitization of the artwork is being done. The CD presser is waiting nervously for having work in these cold times. GIGS are being planned. The website is being made, which included hip things such as a webshop. Video Clips are contemplated about. ARGG DYING IN WORK. Oh i also maybe wanna release some vinyl as well.
Why did i wanna being an artist like this? Simply because I like what I do. And I want to show everyone what I do! They have to!*

More Updates will follow. Just keep an eye on this page!!

Oh yeah. this cute pic by Bianca Dekker