It’s done

So guys it is done. The digital release is done and you can listen to my stuff on Spotify, ITunes, Google Music, Deezer, Amazon and many more.
I’m still working on some bureaucracy stuff, because of albums and artists with the same name are mixing a bit with my stuff, so that ain’t cool :/

Anyway enjoy for now! Much love!

Satria Sunfire

Ps: Today all the audio files and artwork went to the CD presser and will probably be released a bit later. I’LL NOTIFY YOU GUYS WHEN THAT TIME HAS COME. ALSO I’M GONNA LET YOU GUYS KNOW WHO WON THAT FREE AND SIGNED ALBUM SOON. 😀

Also if you guys don’t wanna make sure you don’t miss any of my music, events and art. Make sure you have the following box on my page set on SEE FIRST. Only then will Facebook stay free and shall you truly not miss a thing!